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Family Landing Pages are available

AZTO’s Family Landing Pages are available.  What is a landing page?  A landing page is a custom designed student webpage.  This tool allows you to promote the tax credit program easily to your network of family and friends via social media, text, and email.  You provide the content and pictures.  AZTO describes the “nuts and bolts” of the tuition tax credit program.  View a Sample Landing Page.

When a potential donor views your student’s Landing Page and clicks on the Donate Now button, they are connected to AZTO’s online donation form.  The provided link auto-fills your student’s name and school in the recommendation fields.  Your donor will appreciate the secure streamlined process.  You will appreciate that your donors are directed to AZTO’s site with your student clearly identified.  A win-win!

Would you like to create an AZTO Family Landing Page for your student?  If so, login to your Student Portal and select Family Landing Page to get started.