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AZTO offers seven award cycles throughout the school year.  All awards issued are for the current school year only.

In order to participate in any of AZTO tax credit programs, an annual application must be submitted and approved by AZTO’s board.  Only one annual application submission is required.   We recommend applying before the start of the school year to be eligible for AZTO’s largest award cycles. See Application Information for details.

AZTO issues awards from the Individual Credits (Original and PLUS) and Low-Income Corporate Credit.

  1. Tuition Grants from the Individual Credits (Original and PLUS) are defined as board approved tuition awards from donor recommendations. Tuition Grants are awarded five times throughout the school year.
  2. Scholarship Awards are heavily focused on financial need, eligibility, and special circumstances. Individual Credits (Original and PLUS) and Low-Income Corporate Credit Scholarships are each issued once in the current school year to eligible students.  Scholarships are allocated only as funding is available.
Award Cycles Donation Deadlines Award Timing
July Grant Awards June 30th Mid-July
September Corporate Scholarship Awards August 31st End of September
November Grant Awards October 31st Mid-November
January Grant Awards December 31st Mid-January
February Individual Scholarship Awards December 31st End of February
March Grant Awards February 28th Mid-March
May Grant Awards April 15th Mid-May
A Student’s application must be submitted and approved annually before any awards may be issued. The 2024-2025 application will be available thru February 14th, 2025.

If your student is currently attending a Pre-K program or planning to transfer to a participating school next school year, AZTO can hold any Tuition Grants for the following school year.  Awards may not be released for students that are currently not attending the participating school.  For more information, see New Student Information.

A student receiving ESA funding from the Arizona Department of Education is not eligible for any AZTO awards during the same school year. See ESA Program & AZTO Awards for more details.

AZTO additionally offers a special May distribution for the coming school year for those partner schools that require a tuition payment in May or June for the coming school year.  Contact AZTO, if this tuition payment schedule is applicable for your student and you desire to participate in the special May distribution.