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Arizona Tuition Organization (AZTO) looks forward to participating with your family to reduce the cost of a Private Christian Education for your student.

When to Apply?

AZTO offers an annual online application. All participating students must apply for each school year.  Annual applications become available each March for the following school year.  We recommend applying before the start of the new school year.  An approved application must be on file prior to the release of any tuition awards.  In order to be eligible for AZTO’s largest award cycles, please apply prior to the start of the new school year.  AZTO’s current school year application closes at the end of February.  All current year applications expire at the close of each school year.

How to Apply?

AZTO offers an annual online application. The State of Arizona requires that you provide financial information on your household.  Your student’s application must also provide thoughtful content such as financial need, merit, character, extracurricular activities, awards, academic achievement, community involvement, leadership, and family hardship.   General information is also gathered regarding the enrolled school, contact information, and PLUS/Overflow eligibility information.  A copy of your tax returns are not required.  If you wish to submit any attachments (letter of recommendation, award certificates, PLUS Verification Forms, etc.) please have these items available on your computer before you begin.  If applying for more than one student in your family, individual applications must be submitted for each student.

What is the Application Approval Process?

Once your student’s application has been submitted, you will receive a copy of the application and automated confirmation via email. AZTO’s office team will review and process the application over the next 5-7 business days. If any items are in question or missing, we will contact you for clarification. AZTO’s board meets every other month (July, September, November, January, March, and May) to review submitted applications for approval. Once your student’s application is reviewed and approved by AZTO’s board, your student’s Application Status in your Student Portal will be updated.  This update will reflect your student’s registration status and credit eligibility for the current school year. At this point, your student will be approved to participate in the tax credit program with AZTO for the current academic school year.

Apply Now

2018-2019 Applicant Guide

2019-2020 Applicant Guide

2019-2020 Applicant Guide for Pre-K Students