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ESA Program & AZTO Awards

Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program is now universally available to all K-12 students in Arizona. Since 2004, AZTO continues to support families in making a Christian Education an affordable option.  Here is what you need to know regarding AZTO’s tuition tax credit program and the ESA program.

  • Parents may choose for their student to participate with ESA or AZTO scholarships, but NOT both during the same period. If you decide to move to the ESA program, please notify AZTO of this status change at  
  • Held AZTO Recommended Awards. AZTO will hold pending awards for students that move to the ESA program. If a parent ends their student’s ESA contract before the start of the 23/24 school year, the student may receive an AZTO award in the 23/24 school year.  An annual application is required along with proof of the canceled ESA contract.  AZTO may hold pending awards up to three school years, provided the family applies to AZTO annually and communicates this request.
  • Donors. Arizona taxpayers have a choice in where their tax dollars are sent. Please continue to make your annual tax credit donation to AZTO. Recommended donations for current ESA students will be accepted for potential use in another school year. You may also consider making a recommended donation for a non-ESA student or a school scholarship fund. AZTO helps thousands of students afford a Christian education each school year and benefits Arizona donors.  A win-win!
  • ESA Program Details. The Arizona Department of Education facilitates the ESA Program.  Please visit ESA Program for full details.
  • School communication.  Your child’s school finance team will be a helpful resource in determining which program best fits your family.  Additionally, your school may require a copy of your student’s ESA contract if your student becomes an ESA participant.
  • Both programs are student specific.  Consideration is unique for each student. For example, if you have two students attending a private school, it may be financially wise to have an ESA contract for one student and, at the same time, have the other student funded by AZTO scholarships. Another aspect to consider is Low-Income Corporate tax credit eligibility, as eligible students can receive significant tax credit awards.  Each family needs to understand its unique situation.  Feel free to call us if you would like to talk over what direction best suits your family.  Phone: 602-295-3033