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Arizona credit forms are typically available in December of each tax year.

Arizona State income tax forms 301, 323, and 348 are used for claiming the Original and PLUS/Overflow Tuition Tax Credits. Form 335 is used in claiming the Corporate Tax Credit.  You can retrieve Arizona tax forms from the Arizona Department of Revenue’s website or click on the below links.

Tax Year 2021 Credit Forms

Form 323: Original Credit for Contributions to Certified STOs

Form 348: PLUS/Overflow/Switcher Credit for Contributions to Certified STOs

Form 301: Individual Tax Credits (all Arizona credits)

Form 335: Corporate Tax Credit

Tuition Tax Credits 2021 Original Credit Maximum 2021 PLUS Credit Maximum 2021 Tuition Credits Maximum
Married Jointly $1,221 $1,214 $2,435
Individual $611 $608 $1,219
Tax Forms 323/301 348/301 323/348/301