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Arizona’s Tuition Credit Programs save Arizona over $34M and potentially up to $285M per year.

“How the Arizona School Tuition Organization Tax Credits Save the State Money” written by Deborah Sheasby.

A newly released report details the cost savings to the State of Arizona from the Tuition Tax Credit Programs.  The report concludes:

  • The tax credit scholarship programs allow tens of thousands of students to attend private schools, a savings to the state of Arizona at least $34.6 million, and potentially upwards of $285 million per year, compared to the cost of educating those students in public school.
  • Additionally, 60-70% of families receiving scholarships have a household income below 185% of the federal reduced price lunch income guidelines.
  • The program is a win-win for students and the tax payers of Arizona.

To read the report in it’s entirety:  How the AZ STO Tax Credits Save the State Money 1-8-20

Deborah Sheasby is the founder and president of Meira Consulting, an independent consulting firm providing legislative and legal analysis. A graduate with honors of Baylor University with a B.A. focused in economics and political science and a cum laude graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Deborah worked for 8 years at the Arizona Legislature on various issues, including school choice, and is responsible for writing or consulting on 17 pieces of school choice legislation currently enacted in the state. Deborah’s academic and research background includes economic studies of governmental systems and the influence of government regulations on private behavior.